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Special car? Consider enclosed shipping

  We’ve all seen those semi tractor-trailer rigs hauling a trailer full of cars down the highway. When the carrier is loaded with all the same brand of new cars, you can correctly assume they’re being moved from one dealership to another. So what do you think when you’re all driving through a windy area…

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What are Auto Transport Lead Providers, and how do they work?

Have you noticed? When you’re browsing the Internet for an auto transport company, it’s not always easy to know which sites actually want to ship your car and which are simply gathering your name to pass on to a whole group of brokers – who, in turn, have the actual connections to get your vehicle…

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Shipping from the South? It’ll take longer this year

  It’s been a long winter in the northern states, so wary snowbirds have stayed in the South longer than usual.  When once they would hit the road for home right after Easter, this year many are waiting at least another month in order to avoid the unseasonable cold that’s gripped their home states. As…

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