Using a Car Shipping Calculator – Should You Ship Your Car or Drive?

Car Shipping Calculator - Should You Ship Your Car Or Drive It?
Whether you bought a car online at eBay motors, Classic Cars, or Hemmings, there are many things to take in consideration when it comes to getting that dream car home to you. A Car Shipping Calculator can be a very useful tool when figuring out the cost of shipping your car versus driving it.  Most people my find our website ( online through google or through a quote form on another website. When they get a quote from our Car Shipping Calculator, they sometimes think, “Wow, it has to be cheaper to drive it…” But is it really? Let’s look at the facts.

Let’s say the Car Shipping Calculator gives you a quote of $1000 to ship your car from California to New York.  The real cost for this process is $1000 and that is it. Now let’s explore the cost of driving. You will have to buy a one way flight (approximately $350). You will need to take a minimum of 2 days off of work (an average of about $400), and, unless you plan on driving straight through the night, you will need a 1-night stay at a hotel (average of $100), plus gas money for the 3000 mile trip (around $350). For more information visit here.

So the real cost of driving your car yourself is approximately $1200. That’s not including the miles and the wear and tear that the drive will be putting on the car, plus valuable time away from your home or family. There’s also a much higher risk of your brand new car being damaged on the road. So, if you ask us, using the Diy Transport Car Shipping Calculator and booking your car shipment with one of our trusted agents seems like a no-brainer when you break it down.

Now it’s up to you to do the math – or let us do it for you! – and decide whether driving your dream car home is really worth the cost. If you decide to choose Diy Transport to ship your car through one of the trusted carriers in our network of over 14,000, give us a call today at 800-266-2202 to get your free quote or visit us online at