It’s almost time for the snowbirds to return!

It seems like we’ve just finished the busy winter season, transporting vehicles from motorcycles to cars to RVs to sunnier climes so their owners can enjoy a break from the cold and snow of the Midwest.  Now, we’re looking forward to bringing them back!


Every year during winter season we help “snowbirds” ship their vehicles to warm destinations such as Florida, the Carolinas, even as far away as California, Arizona, or Texas, or elsewhere along the Sun Belt region of the southern and southwest United States. Typically retirees trying to avoid the snow and freezing cold temperatures of northern winters, most of them stay with family and friends for the cold months. Naturally, they need their “wheels” to help them get around! Learn More.


If you’re planning to do the same, we hope you’ve made the necessary arrangements in advance, to avoid delays and sky-high rates. The demand for car shipping and auto transport services in specific routes during winter is high and availability can be scarce. The same holds true for the trip back home, traditionally right around Easter.


Some snowbirds bring their homes with them, driving their campers or even piloting boats through the east coast Intracoastal waterway; when it’s time to go home, they’ll often choose the quicker route of flying and having the boat shipped. That’s when they turn to DIY Transport, avoiding the long drive and minimizing the wear and tear of their vehicles – not to mention the time and money they save by NOT driving.

DIY Transport is proud to offer a staff and drivers that are experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, and committed to delivering the best quality auto moving service. We make quality, safe and fast auto transport, and car shipping service our priority. We work with only top-rated, hand-picked, fully licensed bonded and insured drivers who see your job through from start to finish.


DIY Transport has gathered a large fleet of independent drivers, all deeply experienced, to make your shipment a hassle-free, efficient experience from Day One.  Get a free auto transport quote from DIY Transport today. It’s instant, easy and free!