‘Just’ a driver? We don’t think so!

What do you think shipping your vehicle entails? You might be surprised at all the things our drivers are responsible for!


Besides actually transporting your vehicle from point A to point B, the driver assigned by your shipping company deals with a lot of other responsibilities, such as keeping in touch with all parties, performing inspections, filling out reports, and more. Loading and unloading your vehicle is the driver’s responsibility, and it’s the first of many tasks he will have to perform. Look at it like a jigsaw puzzle: the driver will have to plan, often on the go, for all pieces to fit perfectly. He’ll have to analyze his scheduled pickups and deliveries and decide which position each vehicle will occupy on the rig, taking into consideration various locations involved, times, vehicle size, scheduling and other—sometimes unscheduled—factors. 


DIY Transport has gathered a group independent drivers that we have recognized for knowledge and efficiency. Most of them drive large car shipping trucks that carry 8 to 10 vehicles. The cabin can support up to three vehicles on top and the rest of the vehicles are placed on the double-deck trailer using hydraulic ramps that can be lowered or raised to properly and safely load, fit, transport and unload all vehicles in an organized pattern. Obviously, the first vehicle loaded cannot be the first car delivered, or the entire trailer would have to be unloaded in order to get to it, then would have to be loaded again. Discover More.


Some cars are loaded backward; others are driven straight onto the truck, in order to maximize the available space while meeting overhead clearance and maximum allowed weight; of course, this should be done in a logistically smart way. We ask our customers to be patient with the driver during loading and unloading—he wants to do it safely and quickly so he can carry on with his day, just as much as you do. Depending on a lot of variables—the driver’s experience, vehicle type and condition, location or weather—loading or unloading a single small or midsize car from an auto transport truck can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours.



Usually, the driver will pick up and deliver right to your driveway or front door. However, this is not always possible because of factors such as weight or size restrictions in your neighborhood, sharp-cornered streets, low-hanging branches, residential areas or cul-de-sacs. In these cases, the driver may ask you to meet him in a nearby location, likely one with a lot of open space and light such as a nearby parking lot, so the loading or unloading of your vehicle can be done in the safest manner. This is a very common occurrence, one which your chosen transport company should make you aware of.


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