Just what is an ‘auto transport broker?’

You’ve got an auto dealership, with the need to keep cars coming and going in a steady stream. Or you’ve got that one special “summertime” car that you’ve decided to keep at the condo in Florida.  Or you’ve sold that one-of-a-kind tractor to a buyer halfway across the country, and the deal includes delivery; you can’t drive it, so what do you do?

Easy.  You have the vehicle (or vehicles) transported.

Not so easy:  How do you go about it?

You could open the Yellow Pages and look for car carriers.  This is akin to being your own contractor when you build a home.  You make the contacts, ask the questions that should tell you whether they’re reputable, reliable and/or honest, pay your money out front, then cross your fingers and hope your car will actually get to where it’s supposed to be going.

Or you could call a transport broker. In the car shipping industry, a broker is known as a company that “resells” your job. When you call a broker, you’ll be charged a fee for shipping your car. However, the broker will not actually perform the shipping; he’ll call several carriers and “sell” your car shipping job to them. Then the broker steps out of the picture; you deal with the actual carrier – which may be a company with a fleet of car haulers, or may be a guy with one truck who makes deliveries on weekends. Good luck with that.

Or you could call DIY Transport. We’ve already found the carriers. We’ve vetted them for you. They’re lined up and waiting to transport your precious cargo – quickly, safely, and at a fair price – and there’ll be no surprise “extra” charges to face when the driver shows up. We transport loads worldwide – not only cards and motorcycles, but boats, farm and construction machinery, industrial tools and trailers as well.

Because we have already established a relationship with reliable, trustworthy, capable carriers, they know we demand the kind of customer service that will let us continue doing business with them.

Just call us.  You’ll get a quote – instantly, or at least within 24 hours – and you’ll get a choice of services that determine what you pay.  We’ll treat your private vehicle with the same care we give to dealerships that send and receive hundreds of cars a month. Find here.

Remember: we’re not just any vehicle transport broker. We’re a transport company with a network of drivers, ready to serve every size job with punctuality, thrift, experience, and efficiency.

Call us.  Let’s talk.