Learn from the experience of others

Undecided over which auto transport firm to use? You’re not the only one; most people who decide to ship a vehicle only once or twice in a lifetime don’t have any idea of how to begin!

Why not ask someone who’s been there?  Or better yet, a whole bunch of people? It’s easy to find customer reviews online from people who are happy to share their experiences. But be choosy: there are hundreds of review websites out there, all with scores of reviews to sort through, and it’s not always easy to find the legitimate “review” ones. It’s easy, for example, for an individual company to build a website that calls itself a “forum,” then pack it with purchased or made-up “testimonials” that give it glowing reviews! You can usually spot these because they’ll often pick a particular competitor to degrade, or the positive reviews will all have been written within a few days of each other. Check out our blog post on how to spot a trustworthy review for more information!

The following sites are generally considered trustworthy:

  • Edmund’s Forum

Edmund’s is a privately-owned consumer and auto industry car research and car buying advisor. Their web site also hosts a forum where answers are provided to many related questions, including sharing information about auto transport companies.


  • Transport Reviews

Many people start here to search for auto transport company reviews. The site offers more than 200,000 reviews of more than 4,000 transport companies. Reviewers must verify their authenticity by submitting their order details, which means that these reviews can be considered reliable.


The BBB is usually where people go when they want to complain. But you can also use their search feature to look up various companies and read good and bad reviews. You can read DIY Auto Transport reviews  on the BBB.org website to get an idea of the experiences customers have had.


This site has a wide network of auto transport companies. The site promises to check its car shipping companies each month in order to continue inclusion. Each auto transport company is inspected before it’s allowed to join the network, and can be barred if standards are not met. We’re happy to say that DIY Transport is among its list of approved companies.


This social media giant hosts company pages as well as personal pages, allowing customers to leave star ratings and comments. Be sure to check out DIY Transport’s  Facebook page if you’re thinking about auto transport.


There’s a lot of valuable feedback on the DIY Transport Google+ page. And you can find reviews on any company you’re interested in by searching the company in Google Maps.


Twitter is a high-traffic social media network that people often use to learn more about a company. Search the DIY Transport  tweets  for news, short features, and interesting tidbits about auto transport and the auto industry.