Moving more than just your car? Plan ahead!



Got a new job? Retiring? There are a lot of reasons to relocate, and pulling up roots can be exciting. Or it can be traumatizing.  How you approach it can make all the difference.


You’ve already decided to have your autos shipped to your new location; good for you. Now you need to find a place to live.

House hunting can be especially stressful if it’s done long-distance.  It will help if you take an organized approach: work with a professional real estate agency that will work for your interests, and work within a pre-established budget.  We can’t emphasize that last point too strongly: how many house-hunting shows have you watched on TV where the buyers set a budget, but somehow the agent wants them to “just take a look” at a place that’s way outside their limits – and they end up buying it?

First comes the research

Focus on the community where you want to live. If you’re moving because you’ve accepted a job in a new city, you’ll have the option of living near your work or moving to the suburbs outside the city. Your decision might be easier if you ask yourself these questions:


  • What is the co
    st of living in that community?
  • Does it have the services and amenities you need to be happy and comfortable?
  • How long will the commute to work be?
  • What are typical dwellings like?
  • How much are the home prices in the area?


Go see it!

It’s wise to plan on making a few trips to the area you’re considering. The first trip will be exploratory, just to get a sense of which neighborhoods are best. This is when you should meet with a real estate agent and describe your needs.

During a second trip, you’ll spend time looking at homes in the neighborhoods of your choice. If you don’t see something you want to buy, you can come back for a third time or even more. Just don’t try to buy a home sight unseen, as this can lead to unpleasant surprises.


That budget: be sure to stick to it!

Long-distance moving isn’t cheap. To make sure you have enough money to move and buy the home you want, create a budget. Take into account costs of moving expenses, auto shipping, closing costs, down payment and costs such as the cost to travel back and forth during the home-buying process. Again, stay on target through every step of the process!


Start Packing Early

Do we have to tell you? Moving is time-and-labor consuming, so start packing right away. And now’s the time to purge unnecessary clutter!  By packing well in advance, you’ll ensure a more serene move. For More Info click this.


OK? Happy House Hunting!