Smart dealerships know the benefits of auto transport

You might think it’s ironic that automobiles are transported, since they themselves are designed and built to provide transportation. But the truth is, when new cars are driven to their respective dealerships, consumers tend to consider them used vehicles. And there is the risk of accidents or damage arising from highway conditions along the way.


Some dealers do have their own car haulers, but this situation is rare, mostly because it is almost never cheaper than using a transporter. Thus, new cars will almost exclusively be shipped on an auto transporter to avoid putting miles on the vehicles and to avoid the potential liability.


New-car dealerships use car shipping companies both for incoming inventory and for dealer trades. They hire transport companies such as DIY Transport when they’re expecting a large order of new vehicles and there is no nearby railway depot. Also, when time is of the essence, dealers know they can get their shipments quickly and hassle-free: time is money, and money saved translates to profit.


There’s also an ecological argument to the decision to transport loads of vehicles across the country. Customers tend to trust companies that have demonstrated a willingness to do their part to help reduce pollution. Shipping a load of cars from state to state is one of the most eco-friendly transportation methods that you can use. Below are just a few of the many benefits of using this form of auto shipping:

It will help save you money

Because less fuel is used in the process, the per-vehicle cost can be lower. Multiply that by the number of vehicles that move in and out of your dealership, and you can clearly see the savings.

It reduces pollution

When you ship your cars with DIY Transport, as compared to driving each vehicle individually, fewer fuel emissions are added to the environment. When it comes to decreasing pollution, every little bit helps!

It stabilizes your shipping costs

Using a transport company such as DIY Transport can help to keep pricing more predictable for car dealerships. Although prices can fluctuate during the year, a stable economy will generally keep auto shipping prices affordable for any car dealership. Check This Out.


Really, it’s a no-brainer.  Convenience and efficiency drive the automobile transport business, just as they determine the success of auto dealerships. To learn more about transporting cars for your dealership, get in touch with DIY Transport by calling 800-266-2202 today.