Special car? Consider enclosed shipping

enclosed trailer truck on highway

Minimize the risk of damage to your car with enclosed shipping.


We’ve all seen those semi tractor-trailer rigs hauling a trailer full of cars down the highway. When the carrier is loaded with all the same brand of new cars, you can correctly assume they’re being moved from one dealership to another. So what do you think when you’re all driving through a windy area when tree branches are being blown about like leaves, or hail peppers the surface of hoods and roofs on every car on the road?

Right: you wonder what condition those cars will be in when they hit the showroom floor.  A little pre-showing body shop touchup, maybe?  And if you think about it, you seldom see a Rolls, or a Ferrari, or an exotic antique vehicle on those carriers.

There’s a reason for that. It’s called enclosed shipping.

Enclosed shipping benefits anyone who wants special treatment for a treasured vehicle, whether it’s a collector-vintage Jag or a load of brand-new Cadillacs. Consider:

Road Hazards: Constantly changing weather conditions, accidents on the roadway, and other road hazards can put an openly shipped vehicle at risk for paint chipping, dents, and glass damage.  In snowy conditions, gravel and sand used to treat icy conditions fly up and damage the cars’ finish. Hail is an ever-present threat. No dealership should have to deal with profit-eating damage to their new vehicles, and they won’t if they invest up front in enclosed shipping.

Theft:  Classic-car owners are worried about more than road hazards.  They’re concerned with theft by people who want their precious car every bit as much as they do! It’s easier to reach a car that’s on an open-air transport; even if they can’t take the whole car off, they can steal parts that are difficult if not impossible to replace.  You’ll sleep better if you know your baby is safely enclosed in a locked container as it travels to its new destination! Click to find out more.

Temperature control: Even if a giant snowball doesn’t engulf your auto shipment, trips of any distance usually involve fluctuating temperatures. A trip that leaves Florida in the morning and is in the high reaches of the Rockies hours later can travel through several different climates, each leaving its mark on paint finishes and interiors.

Don’t risk the hazards.  Call DIY now at 800-266-2202 for a quote on enclosed shipping, or go online for an instant quote!