They said they’d be here today!

You’ve cleared the decks for today – took off work, cleared the driveway to make it easier, tried to keep in regular contact with the driver.  So where’s your vehicle?


Very likely, held up by an unforeseen flood a hundred miles away.  Or stalled in traffic because of a horrendous accident ahead.  That’s why DIY Transport and other auto transport and car shipping companies are rarely able to provide specific pick-up and delivery times.


Unforeseen problems such as traffic or breakdowns can cause potential delays. There’s no one to blame, so patience and preparation are essential and will make sure both you and your car movers have a positive experience.


First, call the shipping company and verify that the driver has the correct delivery address. Sometimes just a misplaced ZIP code makes the difference – remember, most drivers use GPS, which is unforgiving!


So finally, there he is, coming around the corner.  Settle down and get ready for the next step, which is the actual unloading. Click for more info.


You’ll remember that at the loading site, the driver inspected the vehicle and noted any damage on a form called Bill of Lading (BOL). You reviewed the BOL with him, remember?  Now, at the delivery point, in the unlikely event that your car has arrived with new damages, you must follow the following steps:


Make sure the damages are noted on the BOL, demand a copy and notify your broker immediately. At DIY Transport, we guide you through the insurance claim (although, in most cases, damages are covered by the auto transport carrier “out-of-pocket”, as it prevents the insurance premiums from going up). DIY Transport also offers its own insurance against damages.


Once the car is delivered, the vehicle shipping process is completed. Any remaining balance will be due upon delivery, usually payable in cash or cashier’s check only, as most auto transport companies cannot accept a personal check or credit card at the delivery point.


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