We ship heavy equipment, too!

Heavy equipment shipping can be a difficult task, but our agents are here to guide you.  We’ll help you book your shipment and leave you with the confidence of knowing your equipment is in capable hands.

The shipment of tractors, cranes, forklifts, or other large industrial equipment may require a carrier that specializes in heavy equipment, so first, let’s determine the freight class, type, and dimensions of your equipment.  Accurate dimensions and weight are crucial to arriving at an accurate quote estimate.  Providing as much detail as possible will help our  DIY Transport agents to service your shipment. Some of the needed information can be found in the owner’s manual of your equipment or the Ritchie Specs website

If you are shipping internationally, your equipment must also meet the import and export requirements of the accepting or departing country. Shipping to and from the United States and Canada can be done online (because of country restrictions, shipping to Mexico and other countries must be processed manually).

Get ready to receive your quote:  Besides the proper dimensions, we’ll need to know:

  • what equipment, if any, may be required to properly load and unload your heavy equipment;
  • any permits that may be required for your heavy equipment shipment, especially if you are shipping internationally
  • what is covered under your transporters insurance, and whether you’ll need to purchase supplementary freight insurance, and
  • how to properly prepare your equipment for shipping in order to prevent any damages from occurring.

Before the carrier arrives, you will need to be sure your equipment is protected and secure for any conditions it may meet during its shipment, as improper packaging may decrease or invalidate the carrier’s liability for damage claims or loss. If you cannot put your freight in a box or crate, you can fasten it to a pallet with strapping tape. Just be sure you’ve covered exposed corners or finishes with blankets or heavy-duty cardboard and strapping tape – and keep in mind to account for the crate and other packing materials in the final weight in order to guarantee that your freight quote is correct!

Insure it! DIY Transport  offers the industry-standard liability cargo insurance coverage ,  and we also offer our customers the ability to purchase supplementary freight insurance, which can be accessed directly during the freight quote and booking process. We’ll ensure that you know what your policy covers and how to file a claim should the need arise. For More Information Visit Here.

At DIY Transport, we know creating good business means developing positive relationships with both the consumer and our partners. That’s why we’re proud to let you know that we are powered with Auto Broker Dispatch Pro and Auto Carrier Pro, both which help to bring brokers and carriers alike the most up-to-date technology. Combined with our platform of expertise and service, we help to bring the industry something new and refreshing to look forward to.