What do we mean by “our” drivers?

Not a lot of people understand how the auto transport industry works. If you haven’t shipped a vehicle before, here’s some useful information.

First, we don’t employ any drivers. Like every transport company, we contract with individual auto carrier drivers. These drivers typically own their own auto carriers; many of them have favorite routes and thus have become very familiar with them. They get their customers through shipping brokers; technically, DIY is considered a broker.

But we go a step farther: instead of searching through a nationwide database of available drivers for every customer’s delivery, we rely on drivers that we’ve used before and that we know to be professional and reliable. Click to find out more.

Thus, if you need to ship your car from Youngstown to Houston, your DIY dispatcher knows which drivers are familiar with that route; we’ve probably used them many times already. We’ll contact those brokers first and get their prices and timetables, then compare them and give you the best option.

Over the years, we’ve become very knowledgeable about the drivers we use. We know their special strengths, the capacity of their carriers, and just how reliable they are. We’re sure that they’re bonded and licensed.  We’ve come to think of the drivers we continue to do business with as ours!

That’s why we can’t always guarantee the lowest price for your shipment. Our drivers will give preference to the jobs that allow them to make a profit; the low-paying jobs, many of which have been contracted by lead-generation companies, will sit at the loading terminal until all the others have been delivered.  The typical auto carrier will hold 9 vehicles; you don’t want yours to be the 10th in line when the driver is calculating how much he needs to make the trip worth his while!

Letting the transport broker take care of finding and communicating with customers leaves the driver is free to do what he does best—getting your vehicle quickly and safely to its destination.  We invite you to visit our website, www.diytransport.com, to learn more about how we do business and get an online quote for your shipment.