When will my car arrive at its destination?

We at DIY Transport  are committed to getting your vehicle to its destination in the timeliest manner possible. Transit time for shipping cars cross-country takes on average up to three weeks, but is often much less.

Federal law stipulates that automobile shipping trucks travel no more than 500 miles per day, which includes any and all auto transport delivery stops along the way. Drivers are also only allowed to drive 6 days a week, and they must take a longer rest period every two weeks.

At DIY Transport, we are careful to utilize our drivers’ time by providing them with the most efficient transport routes possible, and we utilize instant communication to adapt those routes in case of need.

Unless …

A multitude of variables can affect your vehicle’s shipping time. Mechanical difficulties, as well as severe weather, can cause slight delays in the shipment of your vehicle.

When this happens, DIY Transport does everything we can to get your vehicle  back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible.  Although there is no way of preventing natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or snow storms, DIY Transport will work through those problems and be sure to provide the best possible service.

We understand that not everything fits perfectly into a set design, so we’re completely open to accommodating special orders whenever possible. Cargo such as enclosed transport, specialty vehicles, oversize vehicles, and auto transports that have remote destinations may take longer. Learn More Here.

Your DIY Transport sales representative will be happy to discuss any particulars and help you to choose an option that will work for your needs. Call us at (800) 266-2202 and speak with a friendly transport specialist now!

We care for your car the way you do. And it shows!