Who would buy a car online? Well, maybe you would.

With the domestic and global economy still in a lax state, and with many currencies struggling to regain stability, you might think that car sales would be struggling to maintain their momentum.  But that’s not the case in many parts of the world; in fact,   car sales in many countries are  actually increasing.


One reason is undoubtedly that people rely on cars more and more to function in their everyday lives.  But another reason just might be the increased market reach that the internet has provided them with.


Hard to believe, maybe, for those of us who have been cautioned to be on guard when looking at cars to buy – we have to kick the tires, dispute the mileage claims, pout over that shade of blue being not quite right. So why are so many people turning to the internet to purchase their cars?


For one thing, buying online offers ready access to customer reviews on specific vehicle models, as well as the sites and dealers that are available to buy from.  You’re also likely to find information about features such as road safety statistics, crash test results and child protection scores — information which might not be readily forthcoming from  sales people face-to-face at a dealership. While some of us might be put off by not being able to physically see and touch the cars, there are virtual tours and panoramic views that can virtually put us in the driver’s seat.


And shopping for a car online saves you from the often overwhelming sales pitch from the salesman. You can search for the car or cars you’re interested in, find the information you need, and make your decision from the comfort of your own home, no longer having to search dozens of dealerships on the off chance that you find what you are looking for. Financing and warranties can be arranged before the purchase takes place.


The sheer range of options that become available may be the best thing about shopping on the internet. You can buy vehicles from anywhere in the United States and all over the world, and arrange to have your car shipped to you, all through the internet. (Check out DIY Transport’s International Shipping information – it’s simpler than you think!)

The internet allows buyers everywhere easy access to the vehicles that suit their needs.
You can find the vehicle you’ve always dreamed of for the best possible price without having to compromise – the local dealership not having the car you want no longer has to mean you can’t get it. Check out here.


One caution: be on the lookout for flood-and hurricane-damaged cars. These traditionally are shipped to “higher ground” to find buyers.


So … start browsing!