Can you afford to drive it there?

You’ve made some inquiries into the procedure and the cost of shipping your vehicle to a new location a few thousand miles away.  You’ve received a few quotes to compare, and … well … you’re not sure, but they seem a little high. Maybe you’d be better off just driving the car there?

Stop and think: driving a vehicle across the country doesn’t come cheap. And you’ve got to consider factors besides that figure on t he bottom line. “Cost” isn’t the same as “money.”

The monetary costs alone can contain a bunch of surprises. For example:

  • Consider the cost of fuel. Divide the distance in miles by the number of miles your car gets per gallon, and then try to guess how prices will fluctuate along the route. Remember that gas prices can spike overnight!
  • If you have a leased vehicle, consider your mileage allowance. Go over that allowance, and your costs will skyrocket at the dealership.
  • What’s worse than a flat tire?  And you just know it’ll happen on a busy interstate, or late at night.  To be safe, you’ll consider replacing them. Again, get out the checkbook ….
  • How many miles a day can you drive? Most trips of any distance will involve at least one overnight stay. A clean, safe hotel room will cost $60 or more – much more.

Those are the costs you can write down and put a dollar-sign figure to.  But there are other costs, not translatable in dollars:

  • Your Timeis a valuable commodity, and you’ll spend lots of it when you drive across the country.  Driving from Ohio to Florida, a typical trip, is a two-day drive done right – but you can fly it in two hours, while your car gets delivered for you!    Too, remember that driving can be nerve-wracking (Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta), boring (Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas) and even dangerous (construction zones, winter roads, rainstorms).


  • Physical Discomfortis costly in another way.  Even the most comfortable vehicle won’t prevent backaches, stomach aches,  headaches,  trips to the bathroom, and eyestrain from all-day driving into night.


  • Who knows where you’ll have to stop?  Those “rest stops” can be anything but restful, especially if you’re faced with a questionable area or a not-so-clean facility, and especially if you’re driving alone. Get More Information.


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