What are Auto Transport Lead Providers, and how do they work?

Have you noticed? When you’re browsing the Internet for an auto transport company, it’s not always easy to know which sites actually want to ship your car and which are simply gathering your name to pass on to a whole group of brokers – who, in turn, have the actual connections to get your vehicle shipped!

This latter group is known as the auto transport lead providers: they often disguise themselves as real car transport companies, ask for your personal information such as name, phone number, and email address and the details of the auto transport shipment, and then turn around and sell that information to a whole group of auto transport brokers. What happens next? You get bothered with unwanted emails and phone calls from auto shipping brokers, most of whom you don’t know and many of whom are miles away. Find out here now.

These “lead providers” guys usually own several sites that they customize to the benefit of their group of brokers – and use to plant negative comments about competing brokers. When a customer unwittingly submits his or her personal information online, that information is instantly sold to the group of brokers that the site represents. And bingo, the customer’s phone starts to ring!

The auto transport brokers who buy the leads are often aggressive – they know the lead they just received was also sent to as many as a dozen other brokers at precisely the same time. The broker who bought the leads knows that the customer is also receiving quotes from the other brokers in his group, so he tries to bid as low a price as possible. He’ll call the prospective customer, and send an email, with a bid that he thinks is low enough to be accepted.

The problem is, a quote can go too low for the carrier to accept it, and the result is that it’s canceled. The carrier just chooses a shipment that pays better. Then where are you, with a move booked and a vehicle that has to be shipped?

It gets worse when the customer is subjected to a broker who trash-talks the competition. Who to believe?

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