Shipping from the South? It’ll take longer this year

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Shipping your car North from Florida requires special consideration.


It’s been a long winter in the northern states, so wary snowbirds have stayed in the South longer than usual.  When once they would hit the road for home right after Easter, this year many are waiting at least another month in order to avoid the unseasonable cold that’s gripped their home states.

As snowbirds in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and other southern and western states start – ever so reluctantly! – their migration north, you can watch auto shipping prices creep upward at the same rate. The reason is simple: more people vying for less space on carriers. Get More Info Here.

The pressure begins in April and persists through most of May.  Florida, especially, will feel the heat – literally – because it’s the most popular destination for snowbirds. Other places throughout the warmer states will find temporary residents in the winter, but nothing comes close to the popularity of Florida – to the everlasting chagrin of restaurants, shopping outlets, and hotels who, on the one hand, love the tourist business but, on the other hand, hate the tourist season!

During the most popular home-going months for snowbirds, April and May, Florida accounts for almost 20 percent of all auto transport shipments nationwide. At the same time, the state’s not the most popular destination through the spring and summer months – only about 7 percent of the population will arrange to ship cars to Florida for the warmer season.   What that means is, there will be three times the demand for vehicles to be shipped from Florida than those being shipped to there. You can imagine the problem of trying to get all those vehicles onto auto carriers heading north when there’s very little demand for the return trip.

As a result, the cost to ship a car north from Florida during these two months will likely be double what you paid to get it there just a few months ago.  (If it’s any consolation, you could ship a car to Florida during these months for a lot less than you paid in the fall, and it will get there a lot sooner – again, it’s the law of supply and demand. Our carriers don’t like to take an empty transporter to a destination.)

How can you gain an advantage in these hectic few weeks? Consider yourself in a competition.   You’re in a contest with other travelers who are looking for auto transport truck space, and that space is at a premium. So consider offering a bonus to move your car closer to the front of the line – $50 or so might be enough.  Or book an enclosed carrier that might otherwise go begging.  The easy way is to call DIY Transport and just ask for a quote for expedited or enclosed-carrier rates. DIY Transport has gathered a large fleet of independent drivers, all deeply experienced, to make your shipment a hassle-free, efficient experience from Day One. You can book online or call our dispatcher at (800) 266-2202 for an instant quote.

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