How is my shipping price determined?

Here’s what we take into consideration as we calculate the quote we offer for shipping your vehicle:



The destination point is the main component in calculating how much it costs to ship a car with DIY Transport. Longer distances naturally lead to a higher overall price, but at a lower cost per mile. Our calculator gives you the best auto transport quotes for any shipment.


Make & Model

The driver has to know how much space will be needed, so we ask for exact vehicle specifications. Longer and/or taller cars will need additional adjustment, so are more expensive to transport. Modifications such as large tires and roof racks also increase the cost to ship a vehicle.


Open or Closed?

Most of our customers choose open auto transport – it’s the standard in the industry and it’s the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. If you need or want  extra protection, we recommend choosing enclosed transport, which shields from weather and debris. Enclosed transport will add about 35% to the overall cost of shipment, but it offers much more protection for classic or luxury vehicles.


What shape is it in?

You’ll get a better shipment price if your vehicle is running. If it’s inoperable but maintains the ability to roll, steer and brake, it will require a winch and other accommodations to be loaded onto the carrier, thus increasing the cost of shipment. Completely inoperable vehicles also incur a greater cost.


What time of year is it?

Transport to warmer states is very popular during “snowbird” seasons, and the prices to those destinations are necessarily higher during that period. Discover this.


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