We’re a dealership’s dream

Any auto dealership knows that getting vehicles to and from the showroom can be a nightmare.  Missed delivery dates, damaged freight – whatever can go wrong, does.

At DIY Transport, we’re intent on turning that nightmare into a dream.  We know that customer satisfaction is what you’re really selling: when you say the car will be there on Tuesday, then Wednesday won’t do. When you say It’s pristine, then dents in the bumper won’t cut it. You need to keep your promises, and you need to do so without paying premium prices. Find here.

That’s why we’re here. We offer car dealerships reliable and cost-effective automotive shipping services. We promise to provide the kind of top-quality auto transport services that no other company can. We guarantee that your automotive transport will be done efficiently, by professional and experienced drivers, and will be tailored to your specific needs.

DIY Transport relies on a large fleet of drivers, hand-picked for their record with our brokerage. Our drivers know their routes, are familiar with weather and construction patterns, and dedicate themselves to delivering on time and safely.

We’re here for your special customers, too.  For example, if you’ve got a customer who needs a vehicle delivered overseas, we can take care of that – just see our  international shipping page to see how easy it is!

DIY Transport’s vehicle tracking service provides a real-time location of your shipment, anytime you want it. You’re never disconnected from your vehicles.

We’ve earned a great reputation among individual vehicle owners for shipping quickly and safely.  Give us a chance to help with your dealership transport needs – you’ll be glad you did, because we’ll surpass your standards and expectations in car shipping at an affordable rate.

For a quote, just complete the quick estimate form. See how simple we make it?